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Bringing some ambition and inspiration all the way from Carrollton, KY

DJ Carroll

New member
Hey Guys and Gals,

Glad to finally be over here and after what i saw and heard in MB I am on board full strength with these guys. I think that they (the TransTeam) have a very good vision and grasp on what the UAMCC could/should/will be!!! Hopefully my go-get-it young gun attitude and strong ambitions will bring some inspiration and hope and help get this industry to where it needs to be --- looked at as PROFESSIONAL!

If there is anything I can do--- Just let me know~!

Thanks Guys!

Carlos Gonzales

New member
DJ....welcome aboard my brother. It was great meeting you in MB. For those that have not met DJ....keep your eye on this guy. He has alot of energy, ambition and vision which is a good thing for the industry.

Jeff LeCours

New member
Just watch out for DJ if you all go out at night and do some dancing. I haven't quite figured out his dance style, its like a Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, Irish Jig. If his hands move as fast as his feet the women aren't safe:eek:

Cool you are here DJ, now if we could just get this Transition Team to do some work LOL