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Cedar Roof Cleaning by Sullivan Roof Cleaning, Inc.

Bruce Sullivan

Contributing Member
It is that time of year to start thinking of having your cedar roof cleaned. We use a non-pressure cedar roof cleaning process. No need to get up on the roof to clean, all cleaning is done from a ladder. No need to use a pressure washer, all cleaning is done with garden hose pressure. The cleaning solution is developed to remove all algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen and fungi. We have cleaned hundreds of cedar shakes roofs throughout the greater Midwest with our process.
If you have talked or contacted the rest about having your cedar shakes cleaned, now is the time to talk to the best! Sullivan RoofCleaning, Inc.
We are a small, family owned cedar shakes roof cleaning service.
Here is an example of a cedar roof cleaning we completed on 07/23/2014 @ 504 South 33rd Street, West Des Moines, Iowa. This is just one of hundreds we have cleaned throughout the Greater Midwest.
Visit our web site @ www.cedarroofclean.com for videos,photos and customer reviews.
513 South 33rd St., West des Moines, Iowa Garage 2.jpg

Bruce Sullivan

Contributing Member
Nice Stuff Bruce

I know Cedar is a entirely different animal

Great Job!

Thanks. Once you understand the process, which most already know they just don't realize it, that is roof cleaners, and the correct cleaning solution ratio, they are real easy to clean.

The marketing of cedar roof cleaning can be tricky but I have that part figured out after much trial and error.

Many don't realize or have thought of it, but cedar shakes are the only roofing material that mandates maintenance, of all the roofing materials.
Once the home owner is educated to the fact that cedar shakes have to be maintained the service sells itself.
Cedar shakes roof home owners don't like the thought of having to prematurely replace their roof.

Many service providers believe there are not many cedar roofs in their location. Not true. They just having looked for them.
It is like a Ford owner realizing there are a lot of Chevys, they don't look for them but there are plenty. Same principle.

A lot of cedar shakes homes tend to be in isolated communities, HOA's and sub divisions outside the city limits.
They tend to be high end homes.
For those that offer others services i.e. house wash, deck cleaning, etc. the potential for upsell service is BIG! To these home owners.

Though cedar roof cleaning is a niche service. It is a great opportunity to supplement anyone's services with. The service return is 5 times that of asphalt and doesn't take that much longer to clean.

Though I started out cleaning any type of roof. We now clean mainly cedar shakes only and cedar siding. That's why we are still in business after 5 years cleaning roofs only!

Cedar shakes roof cleaning is "low hanging fruit" because the service sells itself. They are wood and have to be maintained.