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Cedar Roof Cleaning In Central Florida

Bruce Sullivan

Contributing Member
For a few years now I have often wondered if Florida had cedar roofs. This last summer I got a request from a cedar roof home owner, in central Florida, wanting to know if I knew anyone there that cleaned cedar roofs.
Maria & I went to Central Florida for a vacation a couple weeks ago. We spent the first day visiting the home of the above home owner and also researching the surrounding communities.
Though we only spent about 6 hours searching in a small area we came up with 421 addresses to market to that have cedar roofs.
There are a lot of gated communities in Florida that you cannot get direct access to but once we know the name of the community we can gather any cedar roofs there. We have a system for that.

I have been told there are no cedar roofs in Florida. Our research goes to show there is. This will make a great winter spot for us as Iowa doesn't offer the weather for cleaning cedar or any roof in the winter.

As to the home owner that had contacted us. I closed the cleaning for a third of the cost they had been quoted by a local cleaner. Also closed another cleaning just driving by while they were in the yard working.

After the New Year we are going to do a direct mail marketing project for these addresses and looks like we are heading for Central Florida. Talk about low hanging fruit. LOL

Just goes to show there are cedar roofs everywhere, just have to look for them. We have found that most cedar roof home owners want to keep their cedar roof.
What is the one roofing material " that has to be maintained"? Cedar.

I know many cleaners don't do cedar or feel they are hard to do. Then there is the debate of the "proper" process to clean them. We are way past all that.
This is a niche service that has little or no competition. They are low hanging fruit in the cleaning service.

AC Lockyer

UAMCC Associate Member

The cedar roofs in Florida are "mostly" left overs from the 80's and 90's. Rarely does anyone ever put a new cedar roof on a home in florida and reroofs are usually done in shingle. In Florida we have a windstorm roofing ordinance that extends inland 25 miles from the coast. Those homes have to be either metal or tile roofing material. Many of those homes use to be shake. I love shake roofs and think they are beautiful however they are a dying breed here in Florida. Our humidity and UV sunlight also ravage a shake roof pretty good as well. Most do not make it 25 years even though they are rated for 50 plus.


Dan Dykstra

Contributing Member
Congrats Bruce on finding some work to get you out of the cold winter months in your home state. I know the homeowners will be overjoyed once you have cleaned their cedar roofs in Florida

Bruce Sullivan

Contributing Member
I have to agree with AC given the age of most of the roofs I saw. Though I did see a few newer ones. Those that still do have them most likely want to keep them or they would have replaced by now.
The upside is those that still have them have a good grade of shake overall and have the potential of still lasting a long time if maintained.
Also I noticed they don't have the infestations like the one we have here in the Midwest. Though they are all overdue for a good cleaning.
Should make for a good potential cleaning opportunity if marketed right.
On a whole shakes tend to be pretty resilient though the installation will play a part in that.
Given the number I found in a short period of time/research I am surprised someone hasn't taken the opportunity to provide that service.