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Cedar shake roof

Brian Wendling

New member
Need some help, was out in Princeton yesterday looking at a large home with 3 car separate garage. We can get a 60 ft. lift around the house and garage to clean the roof. The roof is 20 years old and not in bad shape. It has a lot of moss and algae growing on it. I have cleaned some cedar roofs before but when it gets to be around 2-3 inched thick and some curling I start to think is it worth it or am I going to have problems? They are looking for just a cleaning but I will also give them a Est. for Ready seal on them. I do think that if I start to do more of them it will be good $$.

I have done a lot of things and will do just about anything for money but this is a little scary for me.

Sorry I took some pictures but for some reason I deleted them.

Florin Nutu

New member
Not sure if its walkable. If you plan to walk it, make sure you have the Korker spiked shoes or you will surely fall off. Even with the shoes make sure you are tied off.
The process I use is a strong sh mix and 400 psi wash to remove the mold, mildew algae and moss and then I treat with Shakelast.

If cleaning only then I use a percarb cleaner.

Pricing I cant help you there. I am a firm beleiver of you gotta figure your own price. For me a 2000sf roof I can wash in 4-5hrs and treat in 1-2hr depending on the angles and how much masking needs done. If you want to base you price off that but add a few hrs for learning curve.

Ken Fenner

We've done a bunch of them on the Main Line and around Springton Lake. When the moss is that thick, there will be many damaged/curled shingles. Most times you will need two applications of 3%-4% sodium hypo solution. This is going to bleach out the shingles a bit. You can go one app of sodium hypo and follow with one app of sodium percarb (which helps darken the shingles a little and make them look more natural).

I charge $2.50 per measured s/f or this level of cleaning. (sometimes more if there is no sealing involved).

Its really about sitting down with the H.O and explaining the up and downs and realizing what their expectations are in relation to their budget.

James Foley

New member
A 20 year old Cedar Roof thats never been oiled and has moss will need to have a test spot done. Check to see if the shakes are spongy and fall apart under the moss. If so it's a no go !

If there's much moss I use water the first go around and blow it off. Some guy's use air to blow off the moss and debris between the shakes then clean.