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Cement Flat Tile Roof Cleaning & Painting in South Florida


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Cement Flat Tile Roof Cleaning & Painting in South Florida,

Hey Gents & some Gal's,

I'm doing some roofs in S Florida and the materials and prep are as follows,

We pressure cleaned the roofs with 8 GPM machines using a 65/12 tip, it cleans about 12" in one pass. With two rigs at the same time the final rinse from the top-> down is very fast and gets almost every spec of sand/dirt off the roof.

Other gents cleaned the roofs in the past and they broke 100s of tiles. Must have been some heavy set guys or they were running on the roofs. Most have clean breaks and we use OSI Ohio Sealants RT-600 Roof Adhesive to Glue them back like new. They don't make a white color but they have a light gray that is close enough. This glue bonds like superglue and is for high heat/temp use. I also run a bead on all the butts of the tiles to keep them from lifting in a hurricane. It works well, roofs we did 15 years ago are still solid and we had zero tile loss or damage on our roofs in the last hurricanes. It's worth the extra money to do it. It's 3.50 a tube and we used about 80 on each roof. The vertical tile joints do not get glued or caulked to allow for expansion/contraction.

We also had to do alot of hand scraping of the old Kool Seal Elastomeric Paint off the tiles. There was mold under the Kool Seal, it looks like they did poor prep in the past. 130 Homes in this development. The H-O-Association recommends Benjamin Moore for the paints and we enjoy working with it.

When we have the tiles stripped the best we could get we washed the roof again.

We used a Masonry Bonding Primer to seal all the tiles. As most of you know if you don't seal the tiles they will suck-up a lot of finish paint.

We are using Benjamin Moore 100% Acrylic Brilliant White Soft Gloss (096) on the finish and the results are stunning. The paint sells for about 45.00 a gallon but you can get it for about 40.00 a gallon discounted Contractor Cash Price. It really does a great finish after the second coat. Looks good after the first coat, but the second coat is what makes the job. I have one man shooting the paint on with the airless and one man back-rolling with a Wooster Thick Nap.

This roof paint job can last up to 10 years if the maintenance roof cleaners clean the roofs right over the years. If they shoot strong bleach on a dry roof it will kill it. So many cleaners just shoot the bleach on a dry roof to start the job without soaking it first. And we make sure it's not "Straight or too strong". We only use Clorox bleach on our projects. We have good luck with it.

The nice thing about the 100% Acrylic Paint is it helps repel the water and it dries quickly on the surface. The Kool Seal and other rubberized paints seem to mold much faster and fail. We use the best drill-bit mixing equipment also and feel the 100% Acrylic is worth the extra money.

The Porter 100% Acrylic is also a great Paint for the roofs.

I will take some photos of the before-prep-seal-finish photos and post them.

Hope this helps some folks in S Florida who paint white tile roofs.

Big Russ

Florin Nutu

New member
WOW!!!! How much do you charge for such a service? What you explained sounds expensive. Wondering what the price difference would be just to retile? Have you had to redo any of the acrylics after the ten years when it had failed? What was the process then?


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Every Job or Roof will be different of course.

To replace a Cement tile Roof on this Home is 30,000.00 for a good Job.

This will get the customer

New 5/8" plywood (Not Press-board Type) and the Ply is hand nailed.

Some customers will pay the extra money for the 3/4" Plywood.

Then they get the 30# roofing felt in place of the standard 15#

Then it gets Modified Bitchem roofing, comes in 3' foot rolls,
(This is the stuff that you can poke a nail through and it will self-seal itself.

Then we use the 90# Roll Roofing (Hot Mopped Tar)

Then we use the Yellow adhesive Foam Urethane to spray on the 90#
roofing to set the new cement tiles on. (This gives the new Tiles a solid base so a Pressure Washing Worker can almost run on this roof and the tiles will not break.) The older roofs all have the Cement Mortar as a base for the Roof Tiles. And each Tile has 2 nails to hold them on the roof. The same way you hang or install a Vermont Roofing Slate.

We use copper flashing's on everything, we even bend up our drip edge in the Shop. The very wealthy homes on the Ocean get Lead Coated Copper Flashing's. This is a sheet of cold-roll copper dipped into a vat of lead and drip-dried. I use this stuff on my own personal homes, it's unreal. By the time the water wears through the top coat of lead, it just gets to the copper, then there is lead on the underside. The standard is the 16 oz. copper, I use 20 oz and 24 oz. copper or Lead Coated Copper. The 32 oz. copper is hard to bend and work with.

And we use the OSI Rt-600 to glue the ridge caps down as well as 2 nails each.

So when we tell the customer we can restore the roof for 5,000.00 they jump on it. The Workers make 2 bucks a minute each and I make my share.

If you don't have a high end client base, try working on the Golf Course area Homes.

Most of my clients don't ask how much it cost because they know the job will be done right. The Developments are another story, you need to show them value and quality.

When they drive to some of my jobs and see the roof paint after 5-10 years they cannot believe it. We clean them every 2 years in a follow-up contract.

best to you all,

I dont go on the internet much, just to check my mail.