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Checking in......

Carlos Gonzales

New member

Thank you for coming over to check things out.

Good seeing you and I hope things are well for you and Roger.


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Ken Fenner

Active member
Hello Celeste. Now things are getting rolling !


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Terry Miller

New member
Hello Celeste,
We've met several times on line. Looking forward in meeting personally. Maybe when we visit my daughter in Winston Salem? Thank You.

Roger Gothorp

New member
At a bit past the 90 day mark of joining, I want to say how impressed I am of how the UAMCC is progressing, in the work that is being done, how the communications are being handles, at how contractors are rallying support and most importantly at the pace that this is moving. Slow & steady wins the race - keep up the good work :)


Terry Miller

New member
Thank You Celeste. I was taught when I was young, Slow and steady. It my take longer, but it will be worth it! LOL Here is my wife and I enjoying a party on a pontoon tour boat. Slow and steady!


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