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Cigar City Softwash Supply - Spring Hill FL 34609, Sarasota, FL 34243

Ron Musgraves

Past President
Staff member
Shop Cigar City Softwash Supply
Tampa Bay's Leader in Robust Value Packed Pressure Washing & Soft Washing Equipment. All At Affordable Prices! Come See Why We Build, Sell & Maintain More Rigs Than Anyone Else In The Country.

Cigar City Softwash Supply - Spring Hill, Florida
Address: 13112 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill FL 34609
Call Today @ 813-686-7638

Manatee Pressure Washing Supply
Partner Store for Warranty Issues or Product Pickup

Address: 1860 Whitfield Ave, Sarasota, FL 34243
Call @ (941) 216-3710

Cigar City Softwash Supply - Brandon, Florida

Coming Q4 2023!

In the Pressure Washing & Soft Washing Industry,
Maintenance is a Critical & Ongoing Requirement For Smooth Operations.
We Understand The Significance Of Keeping Your Equipment
In Top Condition To Ensure It's Effectiveness & Longevity.
Our Role Is To Provide Educated Support & Guidance.
When It Comes to Equipment Maintenance.
We Won't Run Your Company On Your Behalf, But We're Here.
Our Team Is Ready To Assist You In Maintaining & Optimizing Your Equipment For Peak Performance.

Shop Cigar City Softwash Supply
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Sneak Peak Of Cigar City Softwash Supply
Products & Equipments!

CRX 680 8GPM@3500 Gear Drive Pressure Washer Starter

Starter Series Trailer
starter trail.png
Poly Plastic Chemical & Water Tanks
CC Chem Tank .png

MIXING VALVE: The Hurricane Mixer
ccmix val.png
Hoses: Fierce Jet Pressure Hose
CC Jet .png

Ultimate Kit for Commercial 40'
ccultimate kit.png
rase Efflo Concretrate

Deco - Silacast Sealer
CCDeco Seal.png
Wild Cherry PerFOAMance Soap
CC Perform Soap.png
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Ron Musgraves

Past President
Staff member

Brand New Budget Build Special!

*IN STOCK* Budget Build 5x10 Pressure Washing Trailer

  • 100% Financing Available HERE

  • Sale Price $6,499.00

  • Regular Price $6,999.00

5x10 Triple Crown Trailer, Wood Deck
50 Gallon Chemical Tank

50 Gallon Water Tank
2 General Pump 12" Reels

250ft 3/8" Pressure Hose

Includes 36" Wand/Lance, Gun & Jrod with Tips for Pressure Washer

Includes ST-510 Gun & Jrod/Tips for Softwash

CRX 420, 4GPM@4000psi General Pump, Direct Drive.


Ron Musgraves

Past President
Staff member
Introducing One of the Leading Companies in the
Tampa Bay Market
Cigar City Softwash Supply

Are you just starting your journey in the world of pressure washing? Or are you an experienced professional looking to take your business to the next level?

Cigar City Softwash Supply is here to help you get started in Pressure Washing. Unleash your Full Potential with their Complimentary Training & Repair Guides!
  • They firmly believe that top-notch training should be accessible to everyone, without any cost.
  • That's why they have curated a valuable collection of free training guides, specially designed to empower you on your pressure washing journey.
  • Join today & explore the world of pressure washing with confidence
  • Cigar City Softwash Supply offers Free Training & Repair Guides.
  • Benefit from the wealth of knowledge & experience they have gained during their tenure.
  • Serving clients throughout the Southeastern USA.
  • Let their success stories and learned lessons become the driving force behind your business's journey towards Unprecedented Success!

Ron Musgraves

Past President
Staff member

🛠️Take a Sneak Peek at what Equipment
Cigar City Softwash Supply
Brought to the #EquipExpo2023 show🤩

🐔Just to clarify, our fun-loving Rooster
won't be joining us on this adventure😄

🔧 Watch the remarkable Cigar City FB Video

Showing The Dominator Series Trailer🦾
#CigarCityDominates 🔥


Details on this Absolute Beast of a Machine:
  • 7x16 10k Trailer
  • Composite deck with 3 stage epoxy paint
  • Full Cage, Side Reels & Ladder Rack with Aluminum Signage Panels
  • 525 Buffer Tank
  • Twin 100 Gal Chemical Tanks
  • Twin CRX 8@3500psi or 10GPM@3000psi Pressure Washers
  • PressurePro 8GPM Hotbox
  • 22 Gal Aluminum Fuel Tanks
  • Ingersol Rand 8gal Compressor
  • All-Flo 17GPM 1/2" Softwash Pump with 3 Valve Proportioner
  • 18" Stainless Reels
  • 200ft 3/8" 1 Wire Pressure Hose, 300ft 1/2" Softwash Hose
  • JROD with Tips, Wands & Guns for each Pressure Machine & Softwash
  • (2) Whipser Wash Extreme Surface Cleaners
  • Downstream Injector with Selector Valves


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Kris Meyer

UAMCC Associate Member
Staff member
Discover the Irresistible November Sale
CigarCity Softwash Supply!

🛒Shop CCSS's November Sale:
BE 8GPM@3500psi Belt Drive Equipped with the Sturdy Honda GX690 Engine$3350, & Enjoy FREE SHIPPING

🚨 Act swiftly as this offer is exclusively available
while supplies last! Enhance your equipment without
breaking the bank,
Thanks to CigarCity Softwash Supply.

🎉 Your contentment and peace of mind remain our foremost concerns.
CCSS strongly advises you to steer clear of
potential scams during this holiday season.

Always make certain that your

Purchases are from a Certified Honda/CRX Dealer

to Guarantee Top-tier Quality & Reliability.

🔥 #CigarCityPower #NovemberSale #PrioritizingQuality

Kris Meyer

UAMCC Associate Member
Staff member
🇺🇸 CigarCity Softwash Supply will be
Honoring Our Heroes this Saturday 🇺🇸

It's that Special Time of Year when CigarCity Team
Pay's a Tribute to Our Nation's Heroes!

🌟Cigar City's Annual Veterans' Day Sale
Now through Sunday, Nov. 12th🎉

🎆Join the CCSS Team to Celebrate Our Brave Veterans.
Seize the opportunity to enjoy exclusive deals
and savings for a limited-time event.
We salute those who have served our country🎖️

🛒Shop with Pride. Shop with Purpose. Shop the Cigar City Softwash Way.

#VeteransDaySale #HonoringHeroes #CigarCityHeroes

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Kris Meyer

UAMCC Associate Member
Staff member
🎄 'Tis The Season to Shine with CigarCity Softwash Supply 🎁
🔌 Get Ahead of the Holiday Rush—Contact CCSS Now!


🌟CigarCity Softwash Supply is Thrilled to
Reveal they are an Authorized Dealer for
Brite Ideas

✨Enhance your off-season pressure washing
by introducing captivating holiday lighting.

🎉Take the Lead on the Festivities with CCSS!

Contact CCSS to Schedule your
Holiday Decoration Installation Today!

Spread the Holiday Spirit and Illuminate your
Holidays with CigarCity Softwash Supply!

#HolidayDecorations #PressureWashingSeason

Ron Musgraves

Past President
Staff member
CigarCity Softwash Supply is Dominating the Rig Game with Exclusive Cutting-Edge, Robust, User-Friendly, & Value-Packed Pressure Washing Rigs!

✨As one leaves, another is ready to step up!

Don't Miss Out Cigar City Soft Wash #InnovativeRigs!

Shop For New Complete Rigs Today to Level Up your Rig Game!

✨ #CCSSPressureWashingRigs

Power-Packed 6x10 Rig: Featuring (3) King 12” Reels, GX690 8GPM,
200 Gal Buffer Tank, 50 Gal SH Tank, 12v Softwash System,
and an 18” PressurePro Surface Cleaner

In-Stock 6x12 Powerhouse Triple Crown Tandem Axle, 325 Gal Buffer Tank,
100 Gal Chemical Tank, Lemon Dancer Surfactant, (3) Summit 18" Reels,
200ft Fierce Jet Pressure Hose, 200ft Soft Jet Softwash Hose, CRX 750
10GPM@3000PSI Pressure Washer, Downstream Injection, BE Aluminum Surface
Cleaner, All-Flo 17GPM Air Softwash with IR Compressor & 1" BatchBuster Proportioner.
randem ccss.jpeg

Versatile 6x12 Enclosed Series: CRX 750 10GPM, Air Softwash with
All-Flo Proportioner, GX690 8@3500, AR45 Roof Pump,
Tucker Water Fed Pole System, Titan Electric Reels, and 20” Surface Cleaner!

Click Here To Be Directed To The BEST FACEBOOK Group

Kris Meyer

UAMCC Associate Member
Staff member
Watch Cigar City Softwash YouTube Channel
Quick Demo on Camlock Flush Kit

Cigar City Softwash Supply Camlock Flush Kit
Flushes SH out of your Metering Valves at the end of the day. Easily connect the barb female camlock fittings to your hose coming from the mixing valve. Then connect the male ends to the bulkhead on your tank. Release the camlock and connect to your water tank to flush.

Purchase the Camlock Flush Kit
For 12v, Air or Gas powered softwash system. This is a low tech, simple and cost effective way to fully flush out your proportioner.

Available in 2 Sizes
  • 1/2" is a 1/2" Thread along with a 1/2" Barb.
  • 3/4" is a 3/4" thread along with a 3/4" barb.

Subscribe To Cigar City Softwash Supply On Youtube

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*Connect with Pro Cleaners & Network With Facebooks Best

'Pressure Washing Friends' Group*

Kris Meyer

UAMCC Associate Member
Staff member


CigarCity Softwash Supply
- Florida's leader in robust value packed Pressure Washing & Soft Washing Equipment! Plus affordable prices! Come see CCSS build, sell & maintain more quality affordable rigs than anyone else.


Address: 13112 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill Fl 34609

Call Today 813-686-7638 or Email

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm

Follow CigarCity Softwash Supply on....

Cigar City Softwash Supply Website
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Quick Links

  • Clearance/Used Equipment
  • Complete Rig Builds
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  • Franchise Application
  • Refund policy
  • Shipping FAQ's

12/27 Products Currently on Sale!

Quick Connect Sockets - Cigarcity Softwash
Quick Connect Sockets

  • Regular price$6.99 Sale price From $6.00
Quick Connect Plugs - Cigarcity Softwash
Quick Connect Plugs

  • Regular price$3.99 Sale priceFrom $3.89
Rust Pro - Cigarcity Softwash
Rust Pro

  • Regular price From $15.00
M5 Twist & Davis shooter tip combo - Cigarcity Softwash
M5 Twist & Davis Shooter Tip Comb

  • Regular price$156.95 Sale price$139.99
Shop the Rig Collection
Looking for your next rig? With more than 10 different series to choose from, come see why CCSS build, sell & maintain more rigs than anyone else
CRX Engines

  • Exclusive Authorized Dealer for CRX Engines. Professional grade engines with great parts availability, warranties & prices! Check out the full line of CRX powered Pressure Washers!
Honda Engines

  • Proud to be one of only TWO Factory Authorized Honda Repair Facilities in Tampa Bay! Check out the full line of Honda powered Pressure Washers!
Fierce Jet Hoses

  • As one of the main suppliers for Fierce Jet hose,Cigar City carries the entire line of hoses from Pressure to Softwashing.
The Compound 1 Blend Mixing Softwash Proportioner - Cigarcity Softwash
MIXING VALVES Softwash Proportioners

  • With a full line of Proportioners from 1/2" Proportioners for 12v Softwash Systems to 1" Cyclones for AR45/P40 Gas Roof Pumps! Everything you need to step up your softwash game.
Free Training Guides

  • Looking to take your business to the next level? Check out Cigar City's free training guides. Where they believe that everyone should have access to quality free training from a seasoned professional without having to pay a fee. Excited to announce Cigar City is one of the largest companies in the Tampa Bay market servicing the entire southeastern USA. Learn from others successes & mistakes to make your business thrive! Check out CCSS Beginners Guide to Pressure Washing
Free Shipping Offer
  • *Free Shipping on orders over $150 does not apply to every item. Some items are excluded, such as tanks, chemicals & hazmat items.
  • *All promotions, sales & offers are at the desecration of management. Website errors, glitches & out of stock products may result in orders being cancelled. Complete rigs & custom builds are not eligible for any special sales.

Kris Meyer

UAMCC Associate Member
Staff member

Shop CCSS *Current Sales Collection Today!
  • Quick Connect Sockets
  • The Hurricane 1/2" Blend Mixing Softwash Proportioner
  • Gold Assassin Degreaser
  • The Tsunami - 5.6GPM Complete Air Softwash System
  • Pressure Pro 18" Surface Cleaner
  • M5 Twist & Sharp Shooter Combo
  • PressurePro 8GPM@3500psi Pressure Washer
  • (BRAVO) Tucker® 22' Hybrid Pole
  • Cigar City Guardian Clear Seal Paver Sealer
  • Pressure Pro 4GPM Hot Pressure Washer
  • Consignment Unit - 5x10 Aluminum Trailer
  • *Shop For All CCSS Sales...Click on (*Current Sales) Above!

Kris Meyer

UAMCC Associate Member
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✨ Unbelievable Savings Alert!
✨Check Out the Irresistible World of Cigar City Softwash
Savings... Savings... Savings!!!

CCSS Exclusive Bundle....
Featuring a Surface Cleaner + Hose + Wand = $1599.00 plus tax!
Guess What?
Add the Motor for $1299.00 plus tax!

CCSS 4000psi unit at 4gpm is your Ticket to Washing Success.
It's perfect for ALL your washing needs!
Head Over to CigarCity Softwash Supply Website.
Make CCSS the Powerhouse for your Next Go-To Unit!!
#CigarCitySavings #PowerWashingDeals
ccss 116.jpeg

Kris Meyer

UAMCC Associate Member
Staff member
💧 Discover Excellence at CigarCity Softwash Supply! 💧

🔥 Who Is Ready to Elevate your Pressure
Washing Game with the Most Innovative,
Robust, & User-Friendly Rigs on the Planet!

✨ At CigarCity Softwash Supply,

🛒 Shop Now To Experience the Difference for Yourself.
Excellence awaits!

🔍 #CigarCityExcellence #PressureWashingPerfection


Kris Meyer

UAMCC Associate Member
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