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Ron Musgraves
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  • The water still travels thru coil, strange. Call russ johnson he will tell you in five seconds whats wrong. Thats really strange, i would say yes if it was 110, the generator could cause a load on the motor thus reducing the horse power. 12 volt doesnt work that way
    Hi Ron, I have a question for you. I have a 24 HP honda with a TSF2021 pump and a 12volt becket burner. It was only putting out 5GPM and 2500PSI. I disconnected the burner and instantly I got 3500PSI. So I assume the coil is restricted in some way. How do I clean it out or am I off base? I already had the pump rebuilt and changed the unloader.
    Hi Ron,
    I'm a new UAMCC member and relatively new in the commercial pressure washing industry - we are based out of Charlotte, NC. I've got a quick question for you after coming across an old thread concerning a demo you did at a cracker barrel a while back...great work by the way. In that thread, another member asked you if you still do "stencil demos", and you said yes, all the time. I know what a stencil is in regards to pressure washing but was wondering how a "Stencil Demo" works and what exactly that means? Any insight would be great, thanks in advance.

    StandOut Enterprises
    Ron Last night I a came across some pics of bad pressure washing work you had posted. Do you remember these pics? If so what web site are they on and where are they? I have looked for an hour for them....
    Jim, Thats a problem. No real answer if you cant get the extra supply from somewhere. I have installed more myself if its a regular account.
    Good morning!
    When you are cleaning large commercial areas, such as sidewalks that go forever, how do you maintain your volume of supply water? We use a 325 gal supply tank hooked to a constant water supply(fire hydrant 5/8 intake) .We run a 8gal per minute hot and a 4gal a minute cold both on flat surface washers and allways seem to run low and have to wait for supply to build back up. Just wanted some input before changing anything .Just wondering how you deal with this?

    Jim Vanhandel
    We just got to keep on going, good to hear you at least have a positive outlook.

    We all hope we can take care of our familys better soon.

    You need something and I can help please call.
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