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Ron Musgraves
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  • We just got to keep on going, good to hear you at least have a positive outlook.

    We all hope we can take care of our familys better soon.

    You need something and I can help please call.
    Hi Ron very slow! My state and the area I cover has been hit hard by the economy. My largest Commercial account for the last ten years has out side services put on hold and do not do ! Deck builders that feed me referrals are very slow and that started last year with this year being worse. The largest builder in my area has stopped all building and put all projects on hold and they laid off all there workers. I will survive !
    I just wanted to pick your brian!
    I have been out on the road every day visiting PM,s through out the state promoting our services.I have visited over 100 stand alone restaurants,I talk to anyone i can and i cannot get the phone to ring in the winter months.We have just sent out another batch of post cards to the property managers,restaurants in our area. I would like to get a few jobs to keep us going in the winter months. Any suggestions!!
    Hey Ron, just a heads up... we spoke last week, and you asked me about websites, so I gave your info to SiteWhirks. I can't wait for you to see what they're doing for me, anyway I think they wanna hook you up. I told em you were tech savy and kinda teacher to all of us...they've done sites for capital one and nextel, but they pride themselves on small businesses.
    Let me know what happens....--Ryan A-Team (soon to be No More Yuk.com)
    hey, ron, this is jason from aquapro pressure washing outta myrtle beach, i am really new to the scene and my rookie season, i'm doing mostly residential right now but am really looking to expand into commmercial as well. i am intrested in these round table events that you guys have. the only concern is im not sure how, and what to do to attend them, whats it cost, because i dont want to be one of these fly by night guys and want to get and take any advice about our business i can. thanks for you time
    I changed you back to an old man, Ron...
    and gave you an honorary title under your screen name ;-)
    I cant find where to change that, any help mr admin? LOL 1964, my eyes must be going aswell. Thought the 8 was a six
    Happy Birthday Ronald. Glad to see you are 24 again ;)

    Wasn't someone bellyaching about truthfulness in screen names? Doesn't apply to birth years? You know I have to break your stones. Hope you enjoyed your b-day. -KF
    Hello Ron,

    I posted in the "region" thread but I am in Virginia Beach, VA.
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