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Cleaning Painted aluminum dealership

Hi everyone, I have a project to clean streaks off black painted aluminum at the GMC dealership and I am having some trouble. someone recommended to try one restore, but I am not sure. I tried to upload a picture, but I am having trouble with that at the moment. ( I click the I con, brows and chose the pic, but nothing is happening and I don't see an "ok" key to press) thank you so much in advance.
George, we did a dealership about a month ago with, what I guess, was aluminum. We used One Restore and had to clean everything by hand. What I thought would take 3-4 hours ending up taking the entire day. We also had priced in a lift for the job. Fortunately I had bid it as a full days job because it was on a Sunday. You might want to offer to clean a test spot on a ladder just to make sure it will come off.