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Concrete Cleaning Flow Chart

Ken Fenner

Dj, you'd commit to celibacy for a decade if God offered you a choice of having female admiration or a million in gross sales.


Contributing Member
I like the chart. One thing if you want to expect inspect. You will need to check on these guys. Go behind them, show up while they are working. Always unexpected.

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
I saw where they are to pretreat soiled areas, but always blow of or sweep off all debris, and wet concrete before running scrubber. Maybe it's in there and I didn't see it.

Jillian Shelton

Contributing Member
You charts are great I don't know maybe if you want to add the temperature to at what temp is it safe to shut the unit off .. And money will buy the kinda women that are only there for the money ;)