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Customer Wife Hitting on You

Carlos Gonzales

New member
Has it ever happened? :Smiley-2014: Be honest...:biggrin: Have you ever knocked on a customer or potential customers door and the woman of the house answered it with ...well...revealing attire? Maybe she was looking for a discount.

Any stories out there?

James Foley

New member
I have many interesting stories. I had a lady wearing a fish net top and bra-less ( very hot) watch me strip her deck. She kept coming to the sliding glass doors to watch and talk. It was very uncomfortable ????

Terry Miller

New member
I'm sure it has happened to someone. Not me. I guess I charge the right price, so they aren't looking for a discount? LOL I was a mike man at one time. Again, no free milk! LOL

Carlos Gonzales

New member
... is that the story about being invited in for brownies (wink, wink)... LOL :headshakesmile-fast
LOL...I will tell the story during the social in the Governors Suite in Orlando....ooppss...did I say a social gathering in the Governors Suite....I let that slip..

Show and Tell Baby!!!

If there are women there, which there will probably be, I will need to paraphrase and rate it to a G version!

Beth Borrego

New member
Rod told me a couple of stories.....

1) years ago he and a helper were washing a deck, she changed from sweats to a tight outfit suitable for happy hour and spiked heels then offered to let him come in for a "drink"...handed our helper water. He declined. When it came time to seal the deck, he sent me out with the helper, and he did another job. I have to say, she truly looked like her nose was out of joint. Poor Baaaby!

2) Rod went to do an estimate, both hubby and wife were home, with her hubby home she went, slipped into something more "comfortable" (tight and revealing work out suit) and proceeded to flirt as he tried to measure the job - her husband indoors GLARING the whole time. Needless to say, he wrote it up, left it and split. Hubby was staring at him and her like daggers were coming from his eyes. Just as Rod called me on the Nextel to tell me about the fiasco, she called, her voice absolutely dripping with giggles and sounding very flirtatious and teenageish. They tried to hire us, we declined that job.


Trevor Steel

New member
I did a job in SC where the guy was proud of his new stripper fiance. I rang the doorbell when I arrived to tell the owner I was going to start working. She answered the door wearing her fiances button up, unbuttoned, nothing else. This not a joke, true story I had a buddy with me doing the job. He said he would work for free from now on! lol