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Jeremy Pate

New member
Ok so I usually mix up 10% sh with dollar store dish soap (non-ammonia).
Went and put in an estimate today, got the job, but the client specified that he doesn't me to use dish soap bc it has sulfur or sulfate which, according to him, promote mold and algae growth...
I like the dish soap for 2 reasons... its acts as a surfactant, and it lets me know when the chemical starts coming out the gun.
He suggested I use jomax, but I haven't wasted my money on that stuff since my 2nd house wash ever.
It's too expensive and from what I've heard and experienced, its not necessary.
Should I just use sh on this guys home, or should I get some simple cherry or something like that?
I've read somewhere that simple cherry needs to be mixed with hot water...
I obviously wont have access to that in the field and I'm still using a 5 gallon bucket so I'm gonna need to refill once or twice.
What do you guys suggest?
Oh and happy easter everyone.
Hope yall enjoyed good friday.

Steven Mendez

New member
I like the roof snot also, once you start to use it you will find that a cup in a fiver is to much but a gallon is never enough

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
Hey Jeremy, need to add your signature please sir. And the shipping is probably cheaper once you order it. Call Russ Monday and he can let you know.

Clark Hussey

Looks like good stuff, but 45 dollar shipping and handling? Ouch!
I never worry about shipping cost it's just another cost of doing business. You use a few ounces of roof snot per mix. So $45.00 in shipping cost is around 7.5 cents per ounce. Now you have a product that you can mix with sh and the sh will not degrade. Compared to what you are using which will cause the sh to degrade rather quickly.