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Do You Have A Minimum Charge???

Guy Blackmon

New member
Do You Charge A Minimum For Anything You Wash? i.e. Dog House, 1 side of the house (Hahaha!), 1 truck, camper...etc.

While we would like to clean every job, it's not very profitable to drive 10, 15, 20 miles to wash a project that is small or will only take a few minutes. Consumers just don't understand that there is a certain "Cost Factor" every time we fire up our trucks. Setting a "Minimum Charge" insures that even if the job only takes a few minutes, your "Profit Margin" from a minimum charge offsets the possibility of "Losing Money" instead of making money. Which is what it's all about!

A wise Man once told me....."Son, I Can Be Broke At Home".....................Something To Think About.

John Orr

UAMCC Treasurer
For years I had a minimum charge of $100, but I've been increasing it. This year, it's $150. Add mileage for anything out of my area - about 30 miles.

Tony Evans

Board of Director
For residential window cleaning our minimum is $125. I haven't been asked to bid one side of a house for washing yet but I guess I should think about that. Thanks Guy.

Guy Blackmon

New member
I haven't been asked to bid one side of a house for washing yet but I guess I should think about that. Thanks Guy.
Then you haven't been washing long...Lol!.... No you get "Well It's Really Only One Side That Needs To Be Cleaned" these are people that are trying to "Cheap Out" on the work that really needs to be done. Then I inform them that the whole house can be washed for our minimum or we can wash just 1 side for the same price. Plus we don't do "Partial Washes" it's done right or not at all, I have turned down many of these over the years.

Like a driveway, got a call today and the customer just wanted the driveway cleaned, not very big, maybe 30 mins. tops. I told him that we would be more than happy to take care of that but we do have a minimum charge for any job. He answered "I Completely Understand" scheduled the cleaning at our Minimum which works out to about $.88 per sq ft. for the driveway.

Randy Borio

New member
Our minimum is $150 for anything within 30 miles. I was asked "Well if it's $225 to clean the whole house how much just for the moldy side?" My answer was $290. NO REALLY 290. Or the whole house for $225. You pick. They did the whole house.

Jillian Shelton

Contributing Member
$95 for residential and $100 min commercial, except for a few instances. I printed out a zip-code map of our surrounding zip-codes this way we would know how far they were and how much to charge.

Bill Booz

UAMCC Board of Directors
We do the one side for 100-150 but they have to wait until we are passing by. Our real minimum for residential launch is $250 and commercial minimums for single launch are $250 no minimum for repeat contracts.

Scott Stone

New member
A lot of people forget how much the cost is to procure a new customer. That is why I like what I do so much more. I may spend days preparing a proposal. Have it vetted, and then days revising the proposal. But since my average proposal has a very high price, it is worth it to me. It is also a game of playing with the big boys, that have staff to do the proposal preparations.