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EasyPro Plans to Grow

Ken Fenner

DJ, you are inspiration to both guys your age and us old timers. Soon the student will outgrow the teachers. Stay humble, you little pud. As soon as you lose humility, everything else follows.

How did everything work out with the situation we were chattin' about on facebook?

Guy Blackmon

New member
Doesn't surprise me one bit!!! DJ is a Hard Working Ambitious Young Man, who has set goals, and is meeting them every day. Good Job DJ!!! Go Get"em Young Blood!!!

Rob Huffman

New member
Good job DJ...now we will just have to work you into getting into Bassmasters' magazine...lol. BTW how did that Tourney go?

Bill Hunter

New member
Great article DJ, like others have said, you are a true inspiration to us oldies. Keep your head on straight, stay humble, and your hard work will benefit you for many years. Rock on dude!