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Kyle Keller

New member
Hey guys, so I have searched endlessly through this forum and other pressure washing forum. I say this because I dont want it to appear like Im being lazy.

I just recently ordered some EBC. My hope was to use it for house wash as well as concrete cleaning. My research has come up with multiple answers on how to properly use it. For conversational sake, lets say not a heavy cleaning situation, just a normal house wash, or concrete cleaning.

Would you use EBC as you would a normal surfactant, that being 1 ounce per gallon? More specifically, do you mix bleach with EBC? Or is EBC a stand alone cleaner, say 50/50 water and EBC?

Ive seen some people say 2 gallons water, 1/2 gallon of bleach with 8 ounces of EBC for a house wash. I've also heard of people just using 50% EBC with 50% water, and no bleach.

So lets hear it, how are people using EBC?

Thanks a bunch!

Chris Kruppa

New member
If you’re using it as a house wash surfactant then yes, 1oz per gallon of mix is fine. As far as mixing with bleach.. yes absolutely you can mix with bleach. EBC won’t kill or clean organic growth on its own. It’s a degreaser cleaner.

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