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Enclosed trailer set up for pressure washing and roof cleaning

Jonathan Trammell

Contributing Member
Tuesday I'm having my pressure washing equipment transferred to my new enclosed trailer. The company that is doing the install has a 12v soft wash system for $1100 that includes a 100 gallon tank. If I don't have room for the 100 gallon tank what size would be recommended? I'll have a 35 gallon chemical tank and I'm wondering if a 65 gallon tank for my mix will be sufficient? I'd like to be able carry my mix to the site and carry straight SH in the 35 so that I can mix more chems on site if necessary. Any recommendations you guys have I'd appreciate.

Rick Fairbanks

New member
You can probably get by with 65 gal but it depends on your average size roof and pitch if that's what you're going to be using your 12v pump for. Most roofs I do average 8/12 pitch and I use slightly less than 2gal/per 100 sq ft, of mix. Steeper roof you may use more.

Gene ONeil

New member
I have my soft wash pumps and reel mounted on the tongue of the trailer. I have 3- 50 gallon tanks in the bed of the truck with 2 for SH. I ran a hose to my buffer tank in the trailer for water and added a couple metering valves and got rid of the mix tank all together.