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Environmental Director Resignation Announcement

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
To the Board of Directors, Environmental Committee, and Org Membership:

It has been my pleasure to serve as a National Environmental Director for the past 5 or 6 years. An illness has limited my ability to adequately serve in that capacity for the past year or so. I had held out some hopes that this would pass and I'd be able to continue, but an immediate end is not in sight.

As an org you have taken what was once considered to be little more than a "handyman" industry to some, and shown the world that our industry is filled with professionals, who take their job seriously, and who are good stewards of our environment. The industry is no longer led by a few, interacting behind our backs, in efforts to present us as "polluters", so that more and more equipment is required to be purchased.

Today, UAMCC members and associates offer the best training in the world for those who wish to make power washing, window cleaning, or soft washing a career.

The certification program is unmatched elsewhere.

Stormwater Authorities across the nation are beginning to see us as the "Solution to Pollution" rather than a contributor to it.

The org has advanced beyond any dreams I personally had just a few short years ago. You have laid a foundation that will be built upon by generations to come.

I am sad to announce that I will be unable to assist in the next planned phase of advancement of our industry.

I am offering my resignation effective Saturday September 10.

I am just physically unable to continue at this time. I am taking time off both industry, and political efforts until such time as the Lord sees fit to restore my health.

I pray that this is a brief intermission, but should a cure be found tomorrow it would take me at least 6 months to a year to recuperate from the damage that has already been done. Thus, I cannot, in good conscience, continue limping along as a representative of the org in matters of such importance.

I want to thank every member who has stepped out in faith and put confidence in the Org leadership. Over the past few years you have all proven that helping others is the way to make a strong, impenetrable organization.

You have also proven that a change of the guard, with new board members, does not mean a change of our mission.

At the present time we are facing very little in the way of expected problems with Federal or Local authorities. We have to be vigilant at all times as some larger, or more vocal companies take advantages of opportunities to disparage pressure washing or lobby for additional regulations. Because of this potential issue I plan to work with the Environmental Leadership to appoint one or two experienced professionals who have dealt with these issues in the past, so the org and the industry will be continually defended.

Thank you for allowing me this great and humbling opportunity. May God bless the future of this org and the families of every member.

Thank you

Tony Shelton

Tony Evans

Board of Director
My prayers for better health for you my friend. It has been an honor and privilege to work alongside you these past few years and I want to thank you and express my deepest gratitude for your exceptional tenure as our environmental director.

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