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Fertilizer Rust Stains on Colored Pavers

Craig Harrison

UAMCC Associate Member
Fertilizer Rust Stain on Pavers Pics

Congratulations, Dwayne of Fantasy Pressure Washing on your FIRST job with F9 BARC Rust Remover. This job came in through the Front 9 Restoration website and his customer is VERY happy! Dwayne's customer had 2 other contractors come in who couldn't budge this.

Colored pavers are one of the most difficult substrates to remove rust stains like this. Dwayne got the job through the Front 9 Website and absolutely killed it on his first try. His customer had a contractor come in with a pressure washer, floor scrubber, hydrochloric acid and oxalic acid. After spending a few days trying, the fertilizer wouldn't budge. F9 to the rescue, baby!

fertilizer on pavers before.jpgfertilizer on pavers after.jpg