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Chris Dubbs

Seems like a pain in the butt. Pressure washer, air compressor, extension cords, and all. Or the canister tank and air compressor. Just get a airless former for your pressure washer.

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Doug Gore

New member
In my quest for the best I did buy a Fohmer and I'll make you a great deal on it......:

Great for the homeowner who wants to do his RV but not worth much over that. I bought his biggest unit to test out and there were several problems.

It's hard to get the SH to foam.
You can't spray with any wind as the foam will blow around.
You can't shoot the foam very far.
Too many hoses to drag around.
Too much air volume needed.
Very hard to get the right mix.
"Vapor" mist goes everywhere......your skin, eyes, plants, glass, lungs (don't even try it without a good respirator).

Real nice guy and willing to work with you but just not going to work on the pro side of things.