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FREE shipping on Sirocco Vacuums and BullDogPro hot water washers in CANADA

Mike Woolley

UAMCC Associate Member
Ok so here's the deal we have going on now until the End of Sept 2013.

I'm offering FREE shipping on all complete Sirocco Waste Water systems as well as all BullDogPro hot water systems into Canada. This will save you hundreds of dollars on a new system if you are at all thinking about it.

A PEV 2 system will cost $2499 usd and will have free shipping as an example.
-add a Sirocco surface cleaner to the order and it'll tag along for free as well!
-add some more stuff......well you get the point!

USA customers....... become a donating member of the UAMCC and I'll offer the same program. UAMCC members always get 50% off shipping on the above equipment. But you must let me know if you are signing up and I'll get you hooked up with Nichole.

Chris Chappell

New member
That is a great deal!

Shipping equipment from around the country can be very expensive, this will help make the systems more affordable to everyone.

I have Sirocco components and they are great, built to last and will make you some money.

If some of you are not familiar with the Sirocco equipment, please post on the forum and ask questions as this equipment might open new markets to you that you might not have thought about or not sure about.

Thanks Mike.

Igor Zaric

UAMCC Board of Directors
This is great Mike ! I have Sirocco SGV3-13 vacuum and 21'SC and I am happy with it...The equipment got paid off from one job. As a matter of fact I need to use it more and target different jobs...
Thank you Mike !!!
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Mike Woolley

UAMCC Associate Member
I've got lots of stuff in stock right now including the new system for our Demo truck. Top notch stuff! This offer will save hundreds of dollars.