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Gas Prices $8 ?

Ken Fenner

As everyone watches, most with general disgust and some with horror, prices at the pump keep rising. There seems to be no cap at this point among futures traders and economic forecasters. A friend told me yesterday one guy whom has a good handle on that market said $8 per gallon would not be out of the question.

Here is an article from Yahoo this morning about the price of a barrell being double what it was last year. Ouch, gas prices were already at $3 then. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080521/ap_on_bi_ge/oil_prices

If gas prices at the pump were to double, I would need to generate an additional $10,000 per month in revenue to keep all margins the same. Another ouch. UPS and FedEx shipping are going to go through the roof. Could this affect the entire online retail industry? Scary stuff.

Terry Miller

New member
We are hitting $4.00 today. I love it when it jumps 25-50 cents at a time. It makes me want to drive for a living! LOL Not. I feel for the people running the gas stations. They still make $8.00 per hr. no matter what the price of gas. How about the guys that retired 10 years ago? Man this is something that the American public needs to address, today. Tommorrow never comes!


New member
Consider turning down your water temperature and charging a fuel surcharge. Trucking companies have huge fuel surcharges (20-25% is what it is here) but that is relevant to their costs. Charge what you feel is relevant and decrease it IF the fuel ever goes down again. Most customers don't have a problem with it because they no it isn't you that is profiting from the extra charges.

Terry Miller

New member
Did you notice many stations have stalled at $4.00. I heard it is because the pumps only go to $4.00! LOL I bet that will change soon? Crazy as it is, we are driving more miles now then ever. Our work is spreading out and getting further work. If it pays the bills, we have to do it. 80% of our work is within 15 miles. This mornings estimate will take me about 100 round trip. I guess I have to add some fuel cost. Plus we pay employees over 30 miles of travel time. Isn't life grand? LOL

Terry Miller

New member
How is the water shortage changing in Southern USA? I know there is plenty of rain all over the country the past few weeks. Do we have anyone affected by the weather? Thank You.

Doug Dahlke

Donating Member
Restricitions have been relaxed somewhat. In my area we are 4" behind in rainfall for the year and Lake Lanier is about 13' below full pool. We'll see how things go as the summer progresses. Biggest weather problem here today was the 90+ degree weather. Maybe I will sweat some weight off.