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getting work

Thomas McMillan

Contributing Member
So I have the gen III, been trained in basic hazmat (The cheapest supplier wouldn't sell unless the driver (me) had that cert), been certified through at least one org, have some roof snot sitting here and have even done two local jobs for free to get some good before and after pics BUT I cant get any work!!! Not even an estimate request!

What gives? I'm in a huge market, largely untapped. I have phone book ads out, optimized my google ad/dex campaign to include sponsored roof cleaning keywords, am advertising on Craigslist, have added photos to FB and paid to boost them but nothing! Well actually that's not entirely true.......my FB boosted post reached out to roughly 7,000 people over three days...I had 19 like on pic and one share by a random person to his timeline but NO phone calls.

I'm frustrated.....my goal was to get roof cleaning to bring in as much or more than deck restoration.

Anyone have any tips on how to get the ball rolling?

Hopefully I won't just get 100 views with no replies this time ;-/ ;-)

I'm thinking of have local newspaper do a story on me/service and maybe even a radio ad....thoughts?

Doug Gore

New member
Hey Thomas,

Just my two cents......I went to your website and didn't get the "warm and fuzzy" about roof cleaning. Everything (pictures and such) are about using pressure. I almost missed the "Services" tab (yes, I'm 1/2 blind......LOL). Next.....I would delete the video you have on there and put pictures in instead.

My reason is simply that you narrate that you are short staffed and cutting corners because you are short staffed.....again, just what I see in a quick glance.

Aside from that I think we would need to see what your ads look like to give feedback as to why your not getting calls. Also, an untapped market means no educated buyers and that just takes time. People have never heard of softwashing......you need to educate them.....:}

Thomas McMillan

Contributing Member
Doug, thank you for the candid and honest feedback. I've already taken your advice on one issue by removing the video and adding the before/after photos. I've got some work to do to address the other points raised. The main issue I have is that I started off as a "full service power washing" company which is why my company name is all encompassing. After ten years I finally added roof cleaning to the list of services offered and now need to figure out a way to showcase it on the sight to draw more attention to visitors.

Your last point about uneducated buyers makes a lot of sense and the thought has occurred to me as well. That's why I'm thinking of radio or newspaper (not an ad but by a reporter)

thanks again,

John Neilson

Contributing Member
Good Sunday morning, I looked at your web site and if i were a customer I would not even read it. There is way to much info all at once. If you like cake but just wanted a small piece or to save it for later, would you want me to walk up to you and start hand feeding it to you? Your web site gives them everything they need to know, There is no reason to call you. A lot of people do their own research before shopping. Use your website as a carrot over their head. Use the info you have a piece it up into several blogs. You need to build relationships within the community. Join your local chamber and get involved. Do a free cleaning for a local charity and ask if you can advertise with them in exchange, They know all about the barter system. There is much more but start by Networking locally. I am in 2 chambers and I make it a point to be at every event as possible, Ribbon cuttings get in local town papers, be there in the front row. Uniform shirts or those magnetic name tags. wow so much more but this is a start.