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Goood bleach source in Houston TX

I didn’t know where to post this so I’m putting it in bothresidential and commercial listings. This only applies to the Houston TX area. Everyoneis trying to find a place to buy bleach that is either better or cheaper. Ifound a place in north Houston called Napco that sell 10-12% bleach in bulk(they will deliver 100’s of gallons) or put you on a route where they will stopby and top you off. You can also go into their location and pick up a gallon ortwo or they will fill up your tanks on your trailer. Pricing varies based onhow much you buy but I’m having my totes filled up at my storeroom for$1.70/gallon with no delivery charge. Napco is a local, family owned business. They are located ate2830 SpringCypress Rd, Spring TX 77388. My contact is Jud Rodriquez at 832-585-3278.