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Gotta Love Texas

Adrian Carrier

New member
Hi everyone,
I finished up my first Playscape today ( man these folks love their kids).
It was gargantuan(sp). I can't believe I have never had an opportunity to do one of these things.

It was quite the fun experience. Really.It took an hour and a half to strip and brighten last week & about 3 hours to finish the spray and pull the plastic. Keep in mind it's still January. It was nearly 80 degrees and I literally got a sunburn ( forgot the sunblock like a dummy).

Tonight it will be in the 30's.
Texas weather, if you don't like it... just wait a minute, and it will change, that's what they say, and it is very true.

The books are full with wood and PW into Feb. Why am I still pushing wood in Jan.? Because I can!!!!! I love this industry.

I set my target spending matches with SM to 10k ea. and they are keeping me hopping. Try it, it's only money, right.

I love my deckster.
I love my x-jet.
I love Texas.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT year so far.