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Hello from Galveston County, Texas

Eric Flynn

New member
Hi Everyone,

My name is Jenny. My husband Eric and I own TX Gulf Coast Power Washing, LLC. We are located Galveston County, Texas. I emailed Carlos and told him that we were thinking about signing up and here we are! Typically, I do most of the office work while Eric does the real work in the field...So mainly you will see posts from me but Eric will log on also :)
Currently, we do residential and commercial pressure cleaning. One of our goals is eventually moving into roof cleaning.

I am excited to "meet" everyone here. It appears that UAMCC has big things planned for our industry and I really like the positive, supportive mood of the forum.

We are approaching our 1 year anniversary in our business so we are fairly new but I am looking forward to learning from everyone here and contributing as well.

Take care guys,


Ken Fenner

Active member
Jenny, welcome to you and pass along my well wishes to Eric. Plenty of pros here to help you out with any questions.

Don't think because you are relatively new to the industry that your opinions hold any less weight. The UAMCC transition team is taking a transparent approach to building the organization. Let us know some things that are important to you as a husband/wife team.. or as contractors in Texas. We are relying on input from the community to guide our path. We are just doing the footwork.

Carlos Gonzales

New member

It is great to see you over here at the UAMCC BBS and I would like to personally thank you and formally welcome you and Eric here.

Any question is a good question here. We are a team and group of contractors all across this great land that are here to help one another with business ideas, techniques and most of all...networking.

Feel free to dive into the the forums and threads!

Welcome aboard....