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Hello from Illinois

Dave Olson

New member
I have not been on any of the forums for quite awhile.

I received an email from Beth about this forum and thought I'd check it out.

I really have not kept up with UamCc. But I thought it was still very new to the industry, so whats up with the new direction?

Dave Olson

Ken Fenner

Active member
Hello Dave. Great to see one of the old timers (meant with the highest respect) come over. The UAMCC has been graciously handed over by Robert Hinderliter to take some new direction. We are literally in a transition phase of organizing industry talent and support for this new endeavor. As I'm sure you realize the industry is in shambles when it comes to any type of unification. The goal of the transition team is to sort through the noise and clutter and truly begin the path of an organization that is run by, and for, contractors. During this fact-finding time period we will ascertain what all contractors want to see in an organization. This includes benefits to commercial flat work companies, kitchen exhaust maintenance specialists, fleet guys and residential cleaners in the form of RFP's, reduced expenses, and improved public perception. Another thing I am seeing mentioned often is the importance of establishing industry standards. We need to know what is important to each of you so we can finalize business plans and begin establishing relationships with gov't agencies, national corps, vendors, manufacturers and industry pioneers.