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Hello from Nova Scotia

Cameron Queen

New member
Hello everyone, just joined up and filled out my details.. so here's the first post. Long time reader, first time poster you could say. I look forward to gaining more knowledge on the forum and hopefully being able to impart a little of my meager wisdom as well!

I have not been in the business long but some extremely hard work and determination is paying off well at the moment as I finally feel like the learning curve is flattening out a little....

Just getting to grips with the tools here, but I'll see if I can attach a couple of recent house-wash pics for you. Thanks.


Tim Fields

New member
Welcome Cameron,

At first glance, I thought that you had registered as "Camera Queen".

I thought that Larry had finally showed up with his bubble pics.

Enough of that, welcome, read, ask, enjoy.


Jim Cooney

New member
Welcome Cameron Queen.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime for my home address so I can arraign to have you ship me some of the worlds most delicious lobsters !!!