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Hello From Roof Cleaning in St. Louis

Ken Fenner

Active member
Hello Don and welcome!

Just a heads up. We have a very strict policy on SEO titling.

The reason, so everyone can understand, is that the UAMCC will be spending a large amount of money making sure the website and this BBS are ranked at the top of Google for all industry related terms. When the UAMCC begins accepting memberships it would not be fair for non-paying members to get the same benefit of link juice that a member company will receive. We have hope to balance fairness by allowing everyone two links in their signature. The best way for everyone on the internet to benefit from BBS activity is to always maintain respect for people and write high quality content.

I have gotten a few jobs that started by the customer saying "I was reading on the internet where you giving advice about stucco cleaning and you seemed very knowlegable." Gettin a little link juice (and its VERY little) on a forum from a quick blurb is not a good use of time and has little return.

Don, this isn't targeted at you. You just happened to be about the tenth person that has done this and everyone needs to understand the policy. Forums are as good as the people that write on them.

Scott Millen

New member
Just wanted to stop in and say hello.

BTW, I think Scott M is a great addition.

Don I'm sorry to see that I missed your first post, and I want to make sure you were properly thanked for coming here, and for the kind words.

It is good to see guys I know from your terrific Round Table doing well and keeping on! That was my first round table, and I made some great friends there. It was the start of opening my eyes to the possibilities I had missed in this industry.

Thanks again, Don!:clap:


New member
Welcome Don. And Fenner will have you killed for trying to get your "link juice on".:got-hooligan: Trust me, he already froze my bank account for a thread I started last week.:yes:

Now if I could just get him to reply to his PM's.....

Ken Fenner

Active member
Did I miss one, Kevin? I thought I had answered them all.

I am the anti link juice komendant. Its an ugly job, but someone has to love it. muhahahaa