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Highway Median/Sidewalk Work

Ryan Freidline

New member
Hey guys-
Could use a little help calculating this estimate. The details below are from the contractor. Because I don't do commercial flatwork (not yet:wink:) I could use a hand determining cost.

Per our conversation I am sending you the details for the concrete power washing quote:
· Concrete median strip on road (approximately 20286 square feet of concrete surface to be power washed):
o Gallows Rd WB 130 LF before ramp to 495
o Braddock Rd: intersection with Port Royal Rd to intersection with Ravensworth Rd (0.6 miles = 3168 LF)
· Machine requirements:
o Minimum 4000 PSI washing power
o Work in the middle of the road; machine will need to have capacity to store water (tanker).
· We will be performing the traffic control.

1. How long will 20K sq ft take to wash with a 20" surface cleaner at 4gpm

Calvin Andrus

New member
Rent another machine and get a couple 16" machines for a little more speed. Plan on a full 8hr, and work faster!

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Doug Brown

New member
Call Russ at Southside Equipment and get a "Siamese kit" to tie those 2 mounted machines together. It's 2 short whips, 2 high pressure check valves and a T. Use that for the surface cleaner and use the portable for edging.

Ryan Freidline

New member
Doug: that's great, I'll call Russ to see about the Siamese ....what about timing? What can I expect this job to take time wise? I know that's a loaded question and skill is a factor....but what's a formula that I could use reasonably?
1000 sq/hr?