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Houston and waste water

Gene Beck

New member
As some of you heard at the convention, we have the strictest guidelines and strictest enforcement here. Was wondering if UAMCC would be intetested in helping educate our city? It would be a nightmare if this spreads to other cities. Call or email me anytime

Tony Evans

Board of Director
I saw Tony talking about this on PWI. He mentioned that Houston will be his focus for the next year. I think the Houston area contractors couldn't ask for a more dedicated person to help them.

Carlos Gonzales

New member
I was speaking to at least 4-6 contractors at the Houston event and this subject came up several times. There is some concern about this topic from the guys I spoke to. They feel like they are "damned if they do and damned if they don't".

Guy Blackmon

New member
Are there any other municipalities where law enforcement is in charge of storm water enforcement? Does Houston PD also monitor construction/residential runoff? I would like to watch the videos of the Houston storm water workshops again, but It just pizzs me off every time I do.

I don't understand why they have Pressure Washing Contractors grouped in with common criminals.

Pretty Sad

Doug Rucker

UAMCC Board of Directors
Guy, around here they are the only ones that I know of that have law enforcement that not only enforce this but actually drive around now looking. From my understanding it is only about 3-4 officers. Regular traffic officers in marked car's ride right on past ya. There "task force" has dwindled over the years. For construction run off, it appears a bale of hay stuffed in front of the storm sewer is good enough. As for residential, I do not know of enforcement for residential or if anyone has been ticketed for residential, but that's not to say if they roll up on you.....

Everyday I see lawn guys blowing there grass clippings, leaves, etc out into the street and on major roads too, but have never heard of them being ticketed.

There was a time after Ron's visit's here that we had made so much progress. I feel it's kind of my fault because I didn't stay in touch and keep Ron updated here. Guess we are back to square one and start all over.

Chris Chappell

New member
We also have a city ordinance about grass and leaves not to be blown out into the street but many lawncare companies do it every day.

I was so happy that Houston had made so much progress in the right direction with Ron and Doug's help.

I wonder if there are certain people or unscrupulous vendors "shopping" bmp's again to make things worse like before?

Carlos Gonzales

New member
Most of you have seen this pic before. Over the last two years we have had 3 unannounced visits. 2 in the same county/city. They weren't law enforcement/police officers but when they pulled up they sure did look like it.

Waste W.jpg

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
That's just me Carlos. Trying to keep you on your toes. Crown Vic rules!!! Lol.

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