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Houston, TX - Enviromental Seminar 03-08-11

Michael Tessaro

New member
On 03-08-11 I attended a City of Houston Seminar on Environmental Protection. The focus of the seminar was on educating contractors and individuals on how to be compliant with exterior washing services. I also went as a representative for the UAMCC on this issue.

Centex Pressure Washing Service has taken the training and is now Certified also to Power Wash in the Greater Houston Area.

I estimated there were about 80 participants at the seminar. Some companies had multiple individuals present. There were a few companies from out of state which had interests working in the Houston area.

There were several agencies at the Seminar:
City of Houston - ( HPD ) Environmental Investigation Unit
City of Houston - Public Works, Public Liaison
TCEQ - Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
TPDES - Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

It was obvious that the several City agencies were not on the same page. There is a lot of confusion in their system. But isn't this a common occurrence with government? One hand gives you the common sense BMP answer to a particular procedure while the other hand wants to write you a citation.

The City of Houston is unique in they have taken HPD Police officers destine for lay off due to budget short falls and made them Environmental Officers. They are aggressively writing citation for violation when there wasn't a violation occurring in the first place. This has been going on for a few years now, as there has been some chatter about it on several Forum's.

I see this as an opportunity to work along side municipalities to help them orchestrate policies for contractors that have common sense application. And that are not burdensome with over regulation that it makes the work cost prohibitive.

Eric Flynn

New member
I hope this is something that the UAMCC can get involved with Mike. The plan to get everyone on the same page may very well take the assistance of a national organization.