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How a 6" twig could cost your business $300

Ryan Cash

UAMCC Associate Member
Before I started working on the All-In-One Rooftec System, I spent 10 years cleaning. During that time, one of the most helpful lessons I ever learned was:

Attention to detail is, by far, the most important aspect of exterior cleaning
It's more important than speed, efficiency, and profitability.

If you’re not able to manage, meet and exceed your customer’s expectations, your company won’t last long, no matter how much you are charging for services…If you lack the ability to pay attention to the small details, you won’t last long.

Here’s how this twig could cost you $300+

Picture 1 small.jpg

Let’s walk through this scenario:

A customer contracts you to come clean their roof and clear the debris in their gutters. You do the full job and take some after photos.

Roof staining is gone and Gutters look clear:

Small Clear gutters.jpg

You collect your check and move on your way.

A couple days later you get a call back from the customer who says that you didn’t clear all the gutter and they are worried you didn’t do a good enough job.

They send you this picture:

Picture 4.jpg

You see the debris overhanging the top of the gutter, and agree that you may have missed something. You offer to head back to the customer’s home and clear out any missed debris.

  1. You load up your truck and drive to the customer’s home (20-30 minutes)
  2. Greet the customer, go over their concerns (5 minutes)
  3. Get out your ladder, climb up to clear debris (5 minutes)

    Here's What you See:


  4. You pull out the twig and check the rest of the gutters (15 minutes)
  5. Report back to the customer and assure them that everything is now taken care of (5 minutes)
  6. Load up your truck and drive to your next job (30 minutes)

You just spent 90 minutes correcting an easily avoidable problem instead of going out and working on your next job!!

Let’s say you gross around $200 per hour. That equates to $300 in missed revenue!!

Not all call-backs are preventable and sometimes there just nothing you can do about it.

However, THE reason this call back happened was because you failed to do a post-job walkthrough.

At the end of every job you need to walk the property and put on your “homeowner glasses”. Look at the property like it was yours.

  • Is there any missed debris easily viewable from the ground?
  • Did you forget to coil up their hose?
  • Did you move all their flowerpots back where they belong?
  • Are the screens back on the windows?
  • Is there any mess left in their landscaping?
  • Did you flush all the downspouts?
  • Did you leave any tools on the property?
  • Did you remove all the bags from their outdoor cameras?

Having a physical checklist helps tremendously here.

If you take the extra 5 minutes at the end of every job to walk the property and check for these things, you’ll save yourself time and money.

This is the pathway to profitability: Attention to Detail!