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How Many Members Do We Have?

Carlos Gonzales

New member
Just a quick snap shot of where we are at today with the membership. The UAMCC has 156 members and counting. If you average that over the last 7 months we are bringing in 22+ members a month. Congrats UAMCC!

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Carlos Gonzales

New member
Thats awesome for first year. What was the goal?
We have 2 more months left from our month 1-9 projections. I wanted to be at 197 members (-41). This month I wish to pick up 11 members and in December 5 members.

Our growth rate is fabulous when you do averages on a month to month. There were a few months that I thought we would do better ~ like October (this past month). I had hope to draw more non-members to the convention and convert them to members. Our closing rate with those that did attend was in the 85%+ range which is outstanding in my opinion.

Though 2009 is not over yet and we will be marketing hard to finish the year with much momentum, we will use the data from months 1-9 to adjust projections for our first full year (12 months) in 2010.