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HVAC finally going to take off

Javier Nevarez

New member
That's great to hear Tony!...HVAC sounds very interesting and would make sense for me since I already get on rooftops to do exhaust hoods. I would really like to get a bit more info on this though...is there a standard for pricing?...maintenance schedule?...I have no experience what so ever in it, so any little bit helps...thanx!
I do this on as a residential service add on. I rarely have to remove the shroud with the Maxi-vac unit we have. I has the nozzle on the side of the lace which is small enough usually to run down and through the top of the fan grid, spraying out the condenser coil from the inside. All you need is two buckets one with cleaner and one with water the unit has a draw house that is self-priming. Spray in the cleaner take out the hose drop it in the water bucket to rince. My unit is older than the one I pictured below but works the same. Only real drawback is 110 volt I have to have a cord and use the customers power. I have not thought about cleaning commercial units. Maxi-vac sells tap and line cleaning equipment I have thought about this with all the restaurants and bars in our area to clean out their lines. I am not promoting or have any thing to do with this company just have one of their older units, most contractors even some HVAC ones have never seen one like this so just posting it up.


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Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
Hi Peter. Those are good for single layer residential units and ok for dual layers if you split them.

They are basically the same as a low pressure system you see in KEC work with the addition of a soap injector and a heating element.

We have three of these type setups for small evaporator coils in ceiling panels.

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Thank you for the info that will keep me from getting in over my head. I knew by using this one it was not too powerful but has done the job we use it for. It brings in a little bit of $ here and there. I have not been on a roof since my sister sold her "hood washing" business I think I'm getting to old to get up there any more. One question do you have to capture the dirt and wash out crap? I know when we did the exhaust fans we had to be watchful some times the roof drain ran down on the side walk or does the drain in the evaporator pan handle the draining, thanks. We had to clean more than one sidewalk because of that. Started to put oil pigs around to catch the crud before it got to the drain you probably have to do the same on real dirty jobs.

Tony Shelton

Environmental Consultant / Past Director
That's great, I'm glad you are able to make some money with it.

Colorado is the only state I am aware of that currently has strict regulations on the books for coil cleaning.

No matter where we are we all have to follow the local regulations. They are pretty easy to deal with.

The water issue is the least of the worries at the moment....Osha's new rules regarding harnesses on roofs is much more costly and harder to adapt than the simple issue of dealing with runoff.