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Hydro Solutions Power And Soft Washing LLC


New member
Hey everyone my name is Chad hupp I am the owner and operator of
Hydro Solutions Power And Soft Washing LLC,
I originally started my business to just get a couple side jobs to help while my wife finished nursing school.
That become more than I expected we did 40k my 3rd month in business,

this is when I new we was bigger and better than I though. I went on for the rest of the season relying on paid ads, and the second season I did the same, we spent a fortune on google.

As I tried to learn local SEO, I quickly learned that this is no easy task to learn. Although I learned a lot it was still to much to run, sale, and market with the branding of my company-it’s rough we tripled in size as far as work load to the point where I had to hit two subs, now I have seo going in the correct directions and a nice crew hopefully it gets much easier on me this season and we can handle the work load. Season 3 is to be the season I have been looking forward to.
I am looking forward to growing to maybe 2 or even 3 crew in the next yr.