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I love PWing

Jeff LeCours

New member
We did this small complex 6 months ago and they called again for us to do it, just six months later and asked if we would keep the same price. I asked if they would sign a 3 year deal, they got back to me last week and said yes. We did it today, 4 of my guys did it and were back at the shop by 2:00pm, my guys are quick & good. There was hardly anything to clean, some webs and spider droppings at the entry ways and that was pretty much it. $4200 each cleaning!!, heck paid the guys for 8 hours, did a little Chinese buffet for them all, went home full and some good $$ in my pocket for the day. See them buildings in another 6 months:yes:

Got to love PWing

Gary Schell

New member
That's what we all aim to do isn't it? Recurring accounts, maximizing profits, taking care of those who take care of you....keeping your workers close to home.

Awesome Jeff, nice chat the other week, albeit short but, I got the advice I needed.

Tomorrow I should hear about the three big ones...hope to kiss the "real job" goodbye.