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Is there a shelf life for stain?

The Cleaning Doctor

Contributing Member
I have not run into this for a long long time but years ago(more than 20) all the solids had settled in a can my grandfather had and hardened in the can. No telling how long he had that can of stain. I buy as I need it. Usually here within a week and I have about that long before needed as washing and then waiting for it to dry. Don't do alot of it yet.

Terry Miller

New member
Stain, paint, etc. does have a shelf life. As with anything we use there is a good, bad and ugly. Good is using the product as recommended by the manufacturer, bad is taking it to the limits and the ugly is using a product when you know it is bad! I have actually tried and sucessfully used film that was over 20 years old. It worked, but not good. If you see curdled paint or stain, Please dispose of it properly! LOL Good thing for us old people, they use us till there is little left!