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Just uploaded my first video over on youtube

Chris Chappell

New member
I just posted my first video on youtube. Cleaning Dirty Aluminum Wheels in Texas

When you look at these alumium wheels, they have a gold color stain on them, this is from dirt from the ranches and farms where they are getting oil out of the ground here in South Texas. This is not the typical axle grease and road grime so it had to be cleaned differently so I 2-step cleaned them several times and they came out looking great.

I started typing info for youtube and ended up with a lot of info there, no music unfortunately and the video is kind of long so I hope it is not too boring.

These aluminum wheels are on a fleet of trucks I wash here in South Texas every other week and they get dirty fast and need to be cleaned that often.
This is a great company to do fleet washing for and they like to keep their image clean and shiny.

Here in Texas the D.O.T. officers and State Troopers are giving out more fines if your license plates or lights are dirty so it is important for the fleets here in Texas to stay clean.

Not sure how to embed the video here, would like to know but don't know how to do it. If someone can tell me how I will embed it.

Hope you guys like it.


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Chris Chappell

New member
Thanks Michael.

That is an 8' lance so I can reach higher on the tall trucks and trailers when washing them.

I know a lot of guys use the shorter wands but I prefer the longer wands on most trucks.

I know that when the trucks are parked closer together, the shorter wands are great but some of the fleets are able to park further away so I can use the longer wands so I can get the areas up high good.

Thanks again.

Chris Chappell

New member
Thanks guys.

I am hoping that will help my website rank a little higher.

I will be working on a house wash video next and then a postcard to mail out to potential customers.