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Leads SC contractors

Jeff LeCours

New member
Hey ALL South Carolina Contractors. I would like to start a data base of your companies so I would have it on hand without having to search the boards

I sometimes get leads on some projects, some smaller stuff and medium stuff that is just to far out of my way.Stuff like a couple buildings, or pool areas, common areas etc etc. PLUS I don't do wood projects, I really dont do much else than condo type work. I do get calls from all kinds of companies occasionally, like to be able to pass them on. That is part of the reason I want to get together some time early next year with SC contractors.

I'm not promising I will have a lot of work outside my area but if I get it I would like to share the love with contractors I know

I cover anything within one hour of Myrtle Beach, well anything over $500 say

I am looking for contractors ALL areas of SC

If you would like to be added to my data base and it is only for me I will not give it out or sell it as a mailing list, its just for me so you can help me out if I cant or dint go to an area.

What I am looking for is
Your name
Company name
Biz phone
email address
How long you have been in biz, full or part time etc
What kind of work you do or have done and experience level
area you work out of
areas you are will to cover - say jobs $500 and less and jobs $500 and over
What type of equipment GPM's and if you have hot. A lot of my work I don't need hot but some you may

Sounds like a lot but I am just trying to get a feel for everyone and maybe we can network and help each other out

I have found in the past couple years its better to work with everyone, other PWing contractors aren't the enemy they can be an asset to each other. We have a good group in this area.

If interested to be on my list please email me at with the above info so i can save it. No promises, don't have anything yet, but I'm always working on something for the future

Email Jeff - Please address the email JL DATA, so I know what it is
Just so you read the email address right the 1st two letters are lower case JL


I hope all is going great for all

I love Pwing!


David Vicars

New member

This is excellent and there are a lot us in South Carolina.

Pass the word to other SC contractors that haven't join this BBS.