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Need advice on washing heavy equipment

Jonathan Trammell

Contributing Member
Just wondering if any of you guys wash heavy equipment? I've got a friend of mine that wants his equipment washed but I'm not sure about the pricing and I'm wondering what chemical you recommend using.

Aidan Houde

New member
Hello friend,

It is necessary to clean the heavy equipment time to time for its long life, There are many techniques for cleaning and I would like to suggest you to use pressure washing instead of chemicals, It is a new technique which is more effective for your friend.

John LaBarge

New member
Working on a large commercial projects mutiple scrap yards with equipment from a forklift to large grapple on a pedestal. We charge one rate pr operator and machine pr hr and another rate pr hr for a helper. Project costing them over 40k at this point. Looks like we'll get a weekly maintenance cleaning once a week rotating equipment.

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