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New construction cleaning

David Vicars

New member
I did my first new construction cleaning this weekend. It was a all brick
building, a new Firestone tire building.
I had read alot about this over the past couple years and talked to one of
my friends a few times about it, in case this day ever came.
Got the call Saturday, so I went and did a few test spots. Fax the contract
to my contact and wnet to work Sunday morning.

I know some of you have done this, so could share some of your experiences
with us. I have another one at the end of January for this same company.

DJ Carroll

New member
sweet david . . . I rinsed about 20k sq ft of concrete at a new tractor supply a while back . . . EASY WORK FOR GOOD $$$ . . .can't ever complain about that

David Vicars

New member
Thanks DJ. Nice job on the Tractor Supply gig.

This was an acid wash and scrape job. I was glad I got this.
Mainly for the experience.

David Vicars

New member
Scott M. I'll post some pics.
My reason for this post was to get some dialog on the subject. I know we have some folks that done this before and sharing some of their experiences would be beneficial.

Scott D. I'll hit you with a PM on pricing.


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