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New guy, basic questions

Andrew Fisher

New member
First, thank you so very very much for having me! Ive been at it for 2 months and really enjoying the industry. Most fun I have had working! I have a few questions that are gonna show how green I am but hear me out lol.

On concrete, I haven't used much soap at all. No mixes, nothing! I wet, power wash, rinse. Once that is done, I use final quat and rinse the concrete and areas around it. So far getting good results as well as a nice clean finish. So the question... Do I need soap or and surface help on concrete if I'm getting the desired result?

And two. I made a mistake. I jumped into the industry with everything I had. Not many people in my area do this, 2 maybe 3. I bought a standard mobile 2800 psi 2.5 gpm wahser. I use Clorox 12.5% bleach mix in a pump sprayer for chemical application on homes. I'm a one man show so I rinse, apply chemical, twiddle my thumbs, wash, rinse and move to the next area (don't want anything to dry). I don't not have anything for soft wash so everything is wand work. I am curious as too what my next step should be. I know I'm hurting myself with the level of work I have gotten and the time it takes. My cost per job falls in the ideal market area (not to lowball) but affordable to whomever I do work for. So the question.... Is the wand work on buildings gonna hold me back? Will I hurt myself in the near future? What should I be looking for in the future to purchase as a whole unit to give me an easier time on jobs?

Once again, I'm green. I thank y'all for all your help, advice and wisdom.


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John Wilson

New member
Bigger machine as soon as you can get one. I would keep what you have and get a booster pump with a proportioner so you don't have to mix any more. $2000 for entire setup and you will be softwashing 30 feet easily from the ground

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Jose Castellanos

New member
Andrew Fisher you need to keep up the good work, dont get discurage . I just started my business this year and like you it is hard especially when you have kids and family but the only thing that I could tell you in my experience is don't give up keep trying there's days is going to get hard but you got to keep trying you got to keep fighting you got to keep pushing yourself your business will grow it's just patience it doesn't happen overnight I mean I hit rock bottom already and thanks to a lot of good contractors out there my boat is still floating so for your questions I recommend to use soap on flat surfaces a little sh helps to I use EBC from Carlos Gonzalez I don't have a soft wash system I have an 8 GMP at 3500 PSI I started with the 5.5 gallon per minute there's a lot of things you could do with the pressure washer kitchen exhaust fan cleaning Fleet washing house washing driveways sidewalks gasoline stations front stores. Look for me in Facebook and add me as a friend I look forward to talking to you and giving you some advice whenever you need it

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New member
There is a ton of information out there. Read,watch videos and test things out on your property or friend's property. Make sure you get familiar with water reclamation. If you want to follow Fed,State,County and City Laws.

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