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New Guy !


New member
Hi everyone just learned about this forum it looks great..I am starting my new business up here in New Jersey (Power Washing)..and its great to have a place to go and learn from pros...I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on buying a trailer with a 21hp vangauard hot water unit..And is there a big difference in a gen unit and a 12 volt unit..Thanks

Rob Huffman

New member
New guy,
Welcome to the BBS...Fill in your signature line so we all know who we are talking with. On the business side of things congrats on starting. As for the skid, you will get varied opinions I think? I personally like the Gen. What kind of work are you doing?


New member
Whats a signature line? I started washing homes with a small cold unit and now want to up grade to hot...So I could do alittle of everything..I just started doing roofs this summer and it seems to be catching on up here..So I guess to answer your question roofs,surface cleaning and homes..Thanks Tom

Ken Fenner

Active member
Hi Tom and welcome to the forum. We are glad to have you.

On a BBS (bulletin board system) you can fill out a signature line. Its a great way for everyone to know with whom they are chatting. We do have it as a requirement on this forum.

1. Click on the link towards the top left entitled "User CP".
2. On the screen that opens you will see a menu on the left. Under "Settings and Option" you will see a link that says "edit signature".
From there its fairly self explainatory. What we are looking for from you is your name and your company name. If you don't have a company name yet you can put in a quick note about that.

We're here to help you get started and there is plenty of talent here to guide you.