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New Hydro Tek Twisters for your pressure washer

Bill Wilson

UAMCC Associate Member
New Hydro Tek ANT24 and ANT25 Twisters available at PowerWashStore!!!

New Trident Series Surface Cleaners are now available from Hydro Tek:

· Made in the USA
· Stainless Steel deck and handle
· Proprietary new aluminum arm that allows for precise combination angle of the nozzles for maximum cleaning efficiency.
· Clean up to 18,000 sq.ft.per hour
· Brush skirt reduces splash on operator and nearby objects while cleaning next to windows or cars
· Highly competitive pricing
· Versatile 24 & 25” deck for use with 3-6 gpm

Who's your #1 source for all things Hydro Tek?

CALL FOR PRICING!!! 855-351-9274!!!