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New water flow controller for water fed poles

Randy Wahl

Contributing Member
Any chance this video can be made to work? Would like to slow the flow to the brush a bit, I am aware of (GPM) works better but trying to existend the life of the DI cartridge. Also can you slow the flow of the inlet water or from the garden hose to the DI filter with out it causing damage or poor results from the DI filter? What is your opinion on dual DI tanks say two pro rinse in line, one as the slave filter and the other as a back up? Cost of the Ro system is out of my budget for now and the other item I run into is water consumption, folks treat the water as if it was gold and the waste water from an Ro system might raise some concers with clients even if I ran an exstension hose away from the unit. Thanks

Tony Evans

Board of Director
Not sure why it's not working. I'll replace it tomorrow. Yes, you can run two DI units like that and you'll get a little longer use out of them that way.
as for RO waste water you can run the bypass to landscaping or to your pwer buffer tank.

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Tony Evans

Board of Director
Sorry this slipped my mind. I'll jump in the office this afternoon when we're done working this morning

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