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Newbie in North Mississippi

Pat Norman

New member
Hey Guys,
Been lurking here a while and not sure I introduced my self yet. I am just getting ready to get my boots wet and start my own business, Roof Wash, House washing, Flatwork and Deck & Fence Restoration. My equipment is coming in now and hope to be spraying water by middle of NovemBRR! I have been working with a friend all Summer doing commercial washing and really enjoyed the outdoor experience vs being under a desk!

Carlos Gonzales

New member
Pat it is a pleasure to have you over here at the UAMCC BBS. I spent some time in Biloxi (sp?) at the AFB back in the 80's.

Congrats in starting your new business. If there is anything that we can do to help you please feel free to ask.

Again...welcome to the UAMCC!!!

Jeff LeCours

New member
Hey Pat, welcome, congrats on starting your own biz. Smart to work with someone for a while like you did.

Not only is it great working outside, its great working for yourself. Put your all into it, be persistent and you should do fine. if you ever need any help or ideas, just ask away. Theres a smart good group of guys here

Best of luck


Terry Miller

New member
Welcome Pat,
Please enjoy your visits. Ask questions and share ideas. We are all in this together. What kind of equipment will you be using? Thank You.

Pat Norman

New member
Thanks guys, I hooked up with Bob at Pressure Tek for my equipment. Getting a Pressure Pro 8gpm @3500, also already got my Bobcat and Big Guy in. My custom trailer w a ladder rack is supposed to be ready next wednesday and my machine to arrive Friday....just not sure when my tanks from NTO are going to arrive yet.

Ken Fenner

Active member
Pat, keep in mind that your equipment is about 20% of the battle. For every guy that has bought big rigs and failed in business there are ten guys that started with a portable 4 gpm machine in the back of a pickup. I say that not to put a damper on your spirits or condemn what you are doing. I mention it to keep things in perspective for you. I'd like to see you and every guy entering the industry succeed. Having been a business owner for 20 years of my life, I've come to understand that which really makes a business successful. I'm not sure from which industry you have come but sales and marketing ability are far more viable to growing a profit generating business. Efficiency and top notch equipment can come later. Be sure to allocate enough spending on marketing.

A good rule of thumb for a new business is that you will gross back approximately $5 for every dollar you spend on advertising. Keeping in mind the average business owner should take 25%-35% of their business gross earnings you can do some simple math. If you would like to make $30,000 your first year, you would need to generate at least $85,000 in gross sales. To achieve that number in the residential you would need a advertising budget allocation of $17,000. Since starting cold your first year things move very slowly, you would be wise to have reserve capital to supplement your income. That means either you keep a job and do this part time or you are sitting on at least 6 months worth of your living expenses as cash flow so that you can reinvest your PW'ing profits in advertising. These are the reality checks if you want to grow quickly.