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NOLApalooza 2010

Pete Marentay

UAMCC Associate Member
[FONT=&quot]I do not want to break any rules posting here, but since I am not selling anything I hope this post is OK. If not, please move it.


[FONT=&quot]The class I am teaching on Thursday at NOLA is a great way to get the info you need for starting and growing a pressure wash company or for a service company that is adding pressure washing. [/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Introduction To Pressure Washing For Contractors[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Starting with the basics of setting up a company and an office, we guide you through how to select and buy the right equipment for the work you do, how to set up a contractor-friendly pressure wash rig, basic cleaning techniques, the chemistry of cleaning, the environmental compliance aspect of cleaning, pricing basics, marketing your services, scheduling jobs, creating a business plan, and understanding a P & L. [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]From that point in our journey we give the student a look at how to do some typical residential and small commercial specialties like house & building washing, roof cleaning, and deck restoration. This is a fast-paced course designed to give a student a full range of information useful to contractors. The focus of this course is building a profitable, professional operation right from the start.[/FONT]
Students will receive a Certificate of Completion for this course, which is an excellent marketing tool for any business. [/FONT]

The class will start at 9:00 AM and take most of the day to complete. The normal tuition for this class is $199, but the class is being sponsored by Sun Brite Supply so this class is FREE for all students.


[FONT=&quot]If for any reason you can't make the NOLA event, you will miss out on a lot - but you won't have to miss this class because I am repeating the class in March in Georgia - also FREE. To register for either time, please call Nichole at 877-5-SUPPLY or register online here. I am looking forward to seeing you at one of these sessions![/FONT]

Thad Eckhoff

New member
Sirocco Jerry and PressureWasher.net are going to give away-

4 VacuBerms with SandSnakes, and SiltFilters.
Total value $750.
50 copies of their WashWater Control Handbook

Chris of Window Cleaning Resource is going to attend and is giving away a
$650 Complete Water Fed Pole System with an upgraded 24 foot pole and a bunch of other items!