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oxalic reclaim

Marc Cournoyer

New member
I have a commercial job to bid cedar shake siding with cedar shake roof (dutch colonial style over a (covered ) brick walkway . concrete and pavement every where- no grassy surfaces . the customer wants it stripped and brightened , it has a old coat of semi trans oil , now I know I have to reclaim , what is the proper way to do this ?? cover storm drain , recover water ,filter through what kind of filter ?? I have acess to a sanitary sewer dump drain where a friend dumps his camper waste ?? is this workable ?? Thanks for the help Im a newbie , at reclaim and want to do it right .:yes:

Paul Kassander

UAMCC Associate Member
The Vacuboom would be a good simple choice for recollection.

As far as treatment goes you are in essence neutralizing the chemicals when you apply the brightener to the wood so Ph should not be a factor. When you capture the water you will need to allow for some solids settling and treatment for any oils which you can do by floating some oil absorbent socks in the tank.

For discharge you should be able to dump in the sanitary sewer after that simple treatment but you will need to check with the local POTW to be sure that is all they require, they may want to see your msds sheets as well.