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Pennofin woes

Beth Borrego

New member

The black splotchy phenomenon might be due to ineffective mildewcides/fungicides in the stain.

Another possibility. Went to the Penofin website and the hardwood formula page. At the bottom, is the following:

A maintenance coat of Hardwood Finish should be applied within 3-6 months after the initial application or as soon as oil looks depleted. The next maintenance coat should be done again in approximately 10-12 months or whenever oil looks depleted. Over time, the wood fibers become fully protected and the maintenance will become less frequent.

In Penofin's own words, hardwoods should be cleaned and stained three separate times in the first year!

How many consumers or contractors are following that costly and rigorous schedule?

Have seen this type of overall failure more times than I care to count.


Chris Apple

New member
He told me the guy was an electrician/plumber/handyman and just couldn't get to mit this year. Then he told me what he was paying. I asked him if he was happy with what the guy had been doing. The answer was yes. I then told him that I couldn't touch his deck for less than five times what he had been paying. He grimaced and said he would go double or triple based on the technique I had discussed with him over the phone but that was the upper limit. My tape measure never left my belt. Mr. Patel had no idea what a real company costs to operate. I shook his hand and went to the next estimate.

Thats a shame that you even had to go out there.

Charlie Soden

Contributing Member
We've used Penofin on a few customers who insist on it despite the warnings but it's not a difficult stain to clean and reapply, just a very frequent thing. We service one almost every 6 months it seems like.

Andrew Horobec

New member
Last Summer I was hired to power wash a tigerwood deck and then seal it. The project started off a little rocky we pressure-washed the majority of the tiger wood deck, this was only our third one we've done and we're still pretty new at this so I can say that we barely knew what we were doing. The pressure washing left a few wand marks on the deck so we ended up using Penofin three step process to prepare the deck for our Penofin sealer. So step one we stripped the deck Step 2 we clean the deck and step 3 we brighten the deck. We followed the instructions to a T and once we were finished with that we let the deck dry and then we did a little bit of sanding with some 80 grit sandpaper. We then sprayed the whole duck with a Penofin tigerwood sealer and back brush it. About a month-and-a-half went by and the homeowner contact me and said there's splotches all over the deck where the stain did not absorbing the wood and a lot of these areas looked like leaves were sitting on the deck but she does have a problem with. We went over there sand and those areas again and restained almost the entire walking surface of the deck by hand with a brush. The deck again looked very nice and finished. Another few months go by and the homeowner calls me again with the same problem. I'm curious if anybody else has had this problem? When I contacted Penofin they didn't really seem to have too many good answers for me right now. I told the homeowner what I would like to do is wait until summer when the deck is completely dry and look at it again and get Penofin involved and see if anybody has a solid answer for us. I want to make sure this customers 100% satisfied I'm sure he's pretty aggravated that we're still dealing with his deck not being perfect as it should be. I have only been doing decks for about 3 years and hardly ever do tigerwood decks, but this is a first for me. Any advice on what what might I do to correct this problem so I don't have to keep going over there every couple months and resealing the deck would be great. I have also attached before and after photos.


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